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The Year of the Ox

Still want one? Here's your final chance. Eleven special oxen have been selected for the Year of the Ox live auction and gala to be held at Grounds for Sculpture on January 24, 2015. You can see our prized herd on display in front of The Pennington School on West Delaware Avenue in Pennington. Stop by and visit your old friends!
The Stampede Finale was a great celebration of art in the everyday with live music and food trucks, recognition of award winning Stampede artists, and winners of the online auction filling the afternoon with fun and excitement. Winning bids are posted on the pages with the oxen that were part of the online auction.

Read and comment on our 'art in the everyday' blog!

From a local artist:
As an artist and a local resident, I'd like to thank the Council for this initiative and opportunity. Public art on a street level is a meaningful way to inspire the community and create wonder and excitement in the hearts of people, especially children. James J. Kelewae

Thanks to our Volunteers, Partners, and the Stampede's Founding Sponsors