The aMAZing Pumpkin Carve

Hopewell Valley Arts Council aMAZing Pumpkin CarveThe 2016 aMAZing Pumpkin Carve—our Second Annual— is coming and it will officially be bigger and even better than last year!

Imagine some of the region’s best artists carving fifty giant pumpkins for a walk-through exhibit at a beautiful, historic farm.

That’s The aMAZing Pumpkin Carve of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council! (#HVPumpkins)

In 2015, we teamed up with Howell Living History Farm for a special one-weekend eventheld on the grounds of the Howell Farm Corn Maze in Hopewell Township, NJ. (Check out the Gallery of our aMAZing Pumpkins of 2015.)

The inaugural Pumpkin Carve was so successful (More than 2,200 people came through the exhibit.) and the pumpkins were, in fact, so aMAZing, that we’re doing it again!

But in 2016, we’re expanding the Pumpkin Carve exhibit to TWO weekends.

Fri-Mon (Columbus Day), October 7-10, 2016;
and Fri-Sun, October 14-16

Interested in getting involved?Hopewell Valley Arts Council's aMAZING 2015 Alarm Clock Pumpkin by Aleece David and Carol Snyder

Businesses, Organizations and IndividualsSponsor an aMAZing Pumpkin.
Fifty Pumpkins. Fifty Sponsors. Starting in early Fall, we launch all kinds of wacky fun and promotion to let the community know the pumpkins are coming. The Pumpkin Sponsors are part of that fun! Your organization will get a lot of visibility amid a lot of feel-good community activity during the prime Fall months. Find out more and reserve your pumpkin!

Artists: Become a Carver.
Local artists, craftsmen and pumpkin enthusiasts apply to artfully carve and embellish one of the giant pumpkins. The carvers are selected by the Hopewell Valley Arts Council from the application pool. In addition to receiving honoraria for carving, the artists compete for prizes: the pumpkins are judged by distinguished members of the local art community. Our Call for Artists is LIVE. Register now.

Volunteers: We need you too! Email us at to let us know you can help.

Hopewell Valley Arts Council's aMAZing 2015 Old Man Pumpkin Can’t wait to see the aMAZing Pumpkins of 2016?

Mark your calendars, and watch for announcements! As we get closer to the Carve’s October opening, new events and activities will be announced and admission tickets will go on sale. You won’t want to miss it! The creative and unexpected designs… the changing appearance of the pumpkins as they go from daylight to lantern light in the evening…  and the good times down on the farm at the Howell Farm Corn Maze all make for a great Fall day!

The Setting: The Howell Farm Corn Maze, Hopewell Township, NJ

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s aMAZing Pumpkin Carve is held on the grounds of the Howell Living History Farm Corn Maze, 17 Valley Road, Hopewell, NJ  08530, one mile west of the farm’s historic site.Howell Farm Corn Maze Aerial View

Howell Farm’s corn maze is a local Fall tradition that attracts over 8,000 visitors each year.  It is the longest running corn maze in New Jersey, covering four acres with two miles of paths.  The Corn Maze is usually a game in itself, challenging visitors to answer trivia questions and find puzzle pieces to complete a map which will show the way out. Before or after working through the corn maze at Howell Living History Farm, folks have a great time strolling through the aMAZing Pumpkin Carve display.

The Howell Living History Farm is owned by Mercer County and is operated by the Mercer County Park Commission. The maze is an annual fundraiser of the Friends of Howell Farm, a non-profit organization that helps the farm through volunteerism and program support.

Check out the lists of artists and winners from the 2015 aMAZing Pumpkin Carve.