Holiday Card Featured Artist
Agata May’kowska “Trust Yourself and Fly”

Enjoy the 12 Days of Art

Each year, we share works of art by our members on our social media pages, with a nod to the traditional 12 days of Christmas. Each day is an opportunity to appreciate art and the season! This year, images spoke of of themes of winter, giving, holidays, rebirth, hope, or new year.

We shared selected images on Facebook & Instagram and sent to HV Arts Council email subscribers at the end of the 12 days, accompanied by a holiday message and info about the artist and artwork. Join our mailing list to find out about more art opportunities!

To view the full 12 Days of Art plus additional submissions, please click this link on our website.

Image: Bowman’s, Jameson Moore (submitted for 2021-2022)

Holiday Card Featured Artist

Agata May’kowska was born and raised in Poland. She immigrated to Mercer County, New Jersey in 2005, where she has lived ever since. Agata’s art varies from modern abstracts to emotional portraits of woman and man.  Working with acrylics and mixed media such as paper, broken mirrors and fabrics, she has been dedicating her work mainly to inspire others to appreciate the complexity of human emotions and  to live their lives wholeheartedly.

In addition to painting, Agata is a successful children’s book illustrator. In her free time, Agata is volunteering in online support groups and with a local “street church” ministry that helps the homeless in Trenton, NJ.

To see more of May’kowska’s artwork, visit her website:

Image: Agata May’kowska “Trust Yourself and Fly”

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A Daily Dose of Art
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Image from Pinterest

Community spirits are bolstered with artist-supported COVID Community Outreach Projects.
Artwork by Janis Blayne Paul

HVArts Scholarship Winners 2020

2021 Annual Scholarships
Congratulations to Seraphina Gillman, Olivia Levin, David LaRaus, and Nicole Bartnikowski 

It is always a joy to support and attend one of the HVAC events. One of the favorites is their Annual Pumpkin Carve. The creativity of the artists and the innovative thinking skills of Carol and her team allowed for a “drive thru” Pumpkin Carve last year. It was exactly what the community needed to get people out of their homes (safely) and bring some much needed laughter to both children and adults.
— Lisa Freeman, Foundation Board Member, Robert Wood Johnson- Hamilton

Hopewell Valley Arts Council is incredible — offering programs for everyone in the community and surrounding area from the youngest to those who are older. Their programs and offerings, from pumpkin carving, lectures, arts shows at the community hospital engage both participating artists but all the individuals who simply want to look, study, and observe what “artists” do. Keep up the wonderful work.
— George Olexa & Terri Olexa, Member Artists