“In the Garden”
by Curtis May & Mary Reuter-May

ArtSpires: a community art project & exhibition
Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Colorful sculptures are popping up all over Hopewell Valley! 

Spy which spires are sprouting and where, check out a detailed map revealing installation locations, and get virtual access to information about artists and artwork. Plus, join the month-long online auction for a chance to own! See the exhibition.

HVArts Council ArtSpires Map Nov 20, 2020

ArtSpires exhibition map

Public Auction of ArtSpires
November 19, 2020 – December 19, 2020

A chance to own an art spire!

Join the month-long online auction for a chance to own a unique piece of local art! Decorate your garden, get a unique holiday gift for someone special, or dedicate it in memoriam to leave in the community. There’s something for everyone! Beginning November 19 and ending Saturday December 19 at 4pm with an entertaining live telecast to watch the final bids as they come in. Proceeds from the auction benefit the individual artists and support the mission of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council. 

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HV Arts Council ArtSpires Kathryn Nicolai

Changes by Leyla Spencer

HVArts Scholarship Winners 2020

2020 Annual Scholarships
Congratulations to William (Liam) May, Morgan Schragger, Sullivan Meyer and Alexandra Marcus!

A Daily Dose of Art
50 art projects to help
take your mind to another place.
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The Amazing Pumpkin Carve
It’s over but you can still find out about the winners, sponsors, and lots more!
Artwork by Jeff Brown

Community spirits are bolstered with artist-supported COVID Community Outreach Projects.
Artwork by Janis Blayne Paul