Become a Sponsor

The HV Arts Council needs your support to celebrate, promote, and bolster art and the art community in the greater Hopewell Valley. We have lots of events and sponsorship opportunities year-round and are always open to creative gifts!

Here are a few suggestions:

Fostering art appreciation and neighborhood participation helps make Hopewell Valley the warm, wonderful, and thoughtful community that it is. And we are “celebrating art in the everyday” throughout the year.

In 2018, we are embarking on several new projects including an new program, ArtConnect: Creating Opportunities for Artists, chartered to support both established and emerging artists by creating a forum for fellowship, learning, and idea sharing, while providing opportunities to showcase their talents in community. We will also be repurposing the remains of local blighted ash trees into works of art in our project Out of the Ashes.

With your support, we are able to bring art and a deeper art appreciation to the greater Hopewell Valley.

* For sponsorship information, please contact Leslie Hollander, our Community Outreach & Event Coordinator, at