The Hopewell Valley Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing art awareness and appreciation in the greater Hopewell Valley. We celebrate “art in the everyday” by cultivating all types of creative exploration and artistic expression, and encourage us all to see the beauty inherent in the simple and ordinary parts of day-to-day life. Through community collaborations, events and art-based initiatives, the HV Arts Council highlights our local talents and enriches the cultural and creative life of our community.

Board of Trustees

Carol Lipson (Executive Director)+
Dawn Berman
Chad Goerner (Vice President)
Dennis Hagen
Erwin Harbat
Craig Lieboff
Michelle Needham (Acting President)
Jennifer Petrino (Treasurer)
Kyle Wille

Former Trustees:  Betsy Ackerman+, Liz Bell,
Ken Hill, Heidi Kahme, Liza Morehouse, Bob Prewitt*, Vanessa Sandom, Randi Tengi+, Jennifer Wasserman

+ Past President
* In Remembrance


Our Staff

     Mary Galioto – PR & Media Coordinator
     Carol Lipson – Executive Director
     Kristin Tunkel – Administrative Coordinator