12 Days of Art, Celebrating Art in Winter (2017-2018)

With a nod to the traditional 12 Days of Christmas, the #12DaysofArt has been a social media gift from Hopewell Valley Arts Council, as we celebrate winter’s multicultural holidays in all their richness and traditions. Thank you so much for our talent artists helping to make this possible. We hope you have enjoyed it’s warming effects as much as we have!

Nancy Stark, Untitled winter scene (oil on Masonite)

Day 1 of #12DaysofArt, Nancy Stark, Untitled (oil on Masonite)

On the first day of art, my true love gave to me… winter solstice woods by Nancy Stark!

“I love to push the color I see and I find it interesting to see what I can get out of colors,” Stark told us. Brighten your winter days with Stark’s exhibit at the Lambertville Public Library through December 30th.

Stan Saperstein, blanket chest carved from redwood

Day 2 of #12DaysofArt, Stan Saperstein, blanket chest carved from redwood

On the second day of art, my true love gave to me… an heirloom blanket chest carved from redwood by Stan Saperstein!

This piece is a redwood hand-carved Kalem Winslow 17th century replica paneled chest. Saperstein, at Artisans of the Valley, has been whittling since age six, gaining master status in furniture making and bringing his love of history into each piece of hand-crafted-period furniture he creates.

Mary Michaels, Winter Field (pastel)

Day 3 of #12DaysofArt, Mary Michaels, Winter Field (pastel)

On the third day of art, my true love gave to me… Mary Michaels’ pastel of a tree-lined scenery!

Michaels creates primarily small-scale landscape paintings in pastels on location, capturing Mercer County’s open space vistas. You can check out her pastel paintings set to music on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQA0diEbywE

Martin Schwartz, Winter Farm (photograph)

Day 4 of #12DaysofArt, Martin Schwartz, Winter Farm (photograph)

On the fourth day of art, my true love gave to me… Martin Schwartz’s Winter Farm!

Schwartz is a professional photographer and member of Gallery 14 in Hopewell Borough. Exhibits can be found on the Gallery 14 website: http://photogallery14.com/

Linda Martin-Mills, Santa Moon quilt

Day 5 of #12DaysofArt, Linda Martin-Mills, Santa Moon quilt

On the fifth day of art, my true love gave to me… a dreamy quilt of old St. Nick! 

Martin-Mills shared her touching story about how she started quilting, “When I took care of my aging parents, a dear friend introduced my ailing father to quilting as a way to keep busy. At 79 years old, he took quilting lessons and made many beautiful quilts. When he died at age 81, I found a bag of fabric with a note that said, ‘Now you have to learn.’ I took lessons but didn’t cut that fabric for 10 years. I finally made the quilt that I sleep under each night from those pieces of fabric my father left to me.”

Linda is an RN and now the Patient Experience Manager at Capital Health Medical Center in Hopewell. She has been an active and involved member of the Newtown Quilt Guild for almost 20 years.

Janis Blayne-Paul, Peacock in Stone (stone sculpture)

Day 6 of #12DaysofArt, Janis Blayne-Paul, Peacock in Stone (stone sculpture)

On the sixth day of art, my true love gave to me… a peacock of iridescent greens!

Originally an architect by trade, Blayne-Paul has found joy in creating art from the natural environment. As a sculptor of stone, Blayne-Paul channels her artistic talents by creating socially relevant and meaningful art that tells a story and stirs emotion.

Anna Fraczak, Winter Wonderland (photograph)

Day 7 of #12DaysofArt, Anna Fraczak, Winter Wonderland (photograph)

On the seventh day of art, my true love gave to me… a young fairy catching stars! 

Anna Fraczak has a passion for evoking emotions — a smile or cry, capturing a moment, or to telling a family story. In this piece, Fraczak’s own daughter lights up each box in this work of art.

Lucia Stout, First Thaw (soft pastel)

Day 8 of #12DaysofArt, Lucia Stout, First Thaw (soft pastel)

On the eighth day of art, my true love gave to me… a wishful thaw on the first of the new year! 

At her Beechtree Farm, Stout and husband raise grass fed beef and lambs and are active in preserving farmland in Hopewell Township. Lucia is also known for her artwork — working with pastels, oils, handmade walnut ink, and watercolors, and photography . Stout is the founder of Artists at the Station, a group that meets Tuesdays to practice art. The group’s artwork can be seen currently on display at the Hopewell Valley Bistro & Inn in Hopewell Borough.

Craig Lieboff “Just the Two of Us” (click video link)

Day 9 of #12DaysofArt, Craig Lieboff “Just the Two of Us”

On the ninth day of art, my true love gave to me… cool acoustic soulful music!

On Jan 2, Leiboff’s cover of “Just the 2 of Us” is just the thing to inspire new things in the new year. Hopewell-based Leiboff has also recently joined the HV Arts Council as a board member. Make sure you check out the video of Craig performing “Just the Two of Us” at this link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsadNvQfuy0

John Goeke (ice sculpture)

Day 10 of #12DaysofArt, John Goeke (ice sculpture)

On the tenth day of art, my true love gave to me… an ice block carved into a snowflake! 

You may have seen John Goeke carving his incredible ice sculptures at Pennington’s annual Holiday Walk. John is also a culinary artist, and is the food and beverage director at the Hopewell Valley Golf & Country Club.

Kit Greener, “Reflections” (oil painting)

Day 11 of #12DaysofArt, Kit Greener, “Reflections” (oil painting)

On the eleventh day of art, my true love gave to me… a warming wish for spring! 

Kit Greener grew up in a family of artists and believes we can all find our artistic side. “Like any other skill or interest, it’s the ‘doing of it’ that drives success. People say ‘I can’t draw a stick figure!’ but, if they educate themselves and practice everyday, of course they will rapidly improve!” she shared. While her education and career took another path, she was drawn back to art in her adulthood. Greener has continued studying, teaching, and creating art on canvas and murals and as a HV Arts Council Stampede artist. Greener’s artwork is currently on display at the Pennington Public Library.

Carol Lipson, Winter Tree Reflection (photograph)

Day 12 of #12DaysofArt, Carol Lipson, Winter Tree Reflection (photograph)

On the twelfth day of art, my true love gave to me…. an icy scene of winter trees! 

Carol Lipson explores her creativity in many ways — as a photographer, flower arranger, gardener, and through her mixed media collages. Lipson is also the HV Arts Council board of trustees president and one of the organization’s founders.


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We Wish You a Happy New Year!

Wishing you a happy new year from all of us at the Hopewell Valley Arts Council! We’ve had an active and creative 2017, thanks to our supportive community!
While we’ve accomplished so much in 2017, we have even more in store for 2018.

Here’s what we’ve done in 2017… plus a sneak peak at 2018!


  • Third Amazing Pumpkin Carve– Giant Pumpkin Carve & Photography Show
  • The Art of Upcycling at Pennington Day – Community Tree, Creativity Calls Column
  • Landfill Harmonic movie screening with the Pennington Library
  • Get SmART Luncheon Learn – The Art of Photography; The Art of Thinking; The Art of Horticulture


  • Repair and Connect Fiber Art Show
  • Home HomeFront Art Show
  • Healing Art Stories Art Show
  • Through Their Eyes Trenton High School West Art Show


  • Wacky Wire Sculpture – Hopewell Valley Come Outside & Play!
  • Upcycled Windchime Workshop with the Pennington Public Library
  • The Day I Met My Shadow puppet workshop with the Pennington Public Library

  • Scholarships presented to four Hopewell Valley Central High School Seniors
  • Pumpkin Carve honorariums presented to 40 artists and 10 area non-profit Community Partners


  • Hopewell Harvest Fair – Community Booth
  • Hopewell Valley Fire Safety Day
  • HV Historic Preservation Committee – Rededication of Woolsey Park
  • Featured Artist Tent at Pennington Farmer’s Market – Summer & Fall
  • Pennington Holiday Walk – Ice sculpture demonstration with the Pennington Business & Professionals Association


We are so excited about what’s in store for 2018 including:

Wishing you and yours an artful holiday season!

Painting by Nancy Stark

Happy Holidays from all of us at the Hopewell Valley Arts Council!

“Winter Ride” by Lucia Stout, soft pastels

We’re so grateful for you — our art-loving supporters and neighbors — for “celebrating art in the everyday” with us. As we reflect on this warm, wonderful, and artistic community this holiday season, we are inspired.

Looking to 2018, we’re excited about two significant new programs we have coming up! We’re launching an Artists Guild to support both established and emerging artists, with a forum for fellowship, learning, and idea sharing. Also in the new year, we’ll be upcycling wood from blighted ash trees in a series of commemoration events and initiatives we’re calling “Out of the Ashes.”

Our warmest wishes for an inspired and joyful holiday season!

This season of giving, we hope you will consider supporting the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, enabling us to foster a creative and inspired community. To make a donation, please visit our Annual Appeal page.


Winners of Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s First Annual Photography Contest Announced

Best in Show 2017: “Box Dwelling Creature” by Anna Fraczak

Congratulations to our amazing photographers who participated in our first annual photography show at the 3rd Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve! Artists were challenged to come up with their most spectacular fall-themed images and the results were eye-catching.

Here are our winners for 2017:

Best in Show

1st Place: “Box Dwelling Creature” by Anna Fraczak

2nd Place: “Pick of the Patch” by Shawn Busolits

3rd Place: “Rustic Beauty in September” by Elizabeth Brand Gutierrez

Honorable Mention: “Autumn Fields” by Morgan McCullough

“Sneaker Patch” by Claire Wille

Autumn Palette: Adults

1st Place: “Rustic Beauty in September” by Elizabeth Brand Gutierrez

2nd Place: “Fall Barn with Bike” by Donna Palm

3rd Place: “As the Leaves Turn” by Shawn Busolits

Honorable Mention: “Along the D&R” by Martin Schwartz

Fall Harvest: Adults

1st Place: “The Pick of the Patch” by Shawn Busolits

2nd Place: “Autumn’s a Treasure” by Courtney Ross

3rd Place: “Curubita Maxima Turks Turbin’”  by Carol Lipson

Honorable Mention: “Pumpkins For Sale” by Cristina Loutfi

Oh What a Fright: Adults

1st Place: “Box Dwelling Creature” by Anna Fraczak

2nd Place: “Morning Dew on Spiderweb” by Kevin McCullough

3rd Place: “Red-Eyed Skeleton” by Donna Palm

Honorable Mention: “Remains of the Day” by Carol Lipson

“Back to School Blooming” by Jacob Brown


Autumn Palette: Teen

1st Place: “Fall Ride” by Claire Wille

2nd Place: Untitled by Dominic Guarino

3rd Place: Untitled by Sunjay Suryanarayan

Fall Harvest: Teen

1st Place: “Sneaker Patch” by Claire Wille

2nd Place: Untitled by Dominic Guarino

Autumn Palette: Youth

1st Place: “Nature’s Last Green” by Morgan McCullough

2nd Place: “Back to School Blooming” by Jacob Brown

3rd Place: Untitled by Anna Suryanarayan

Honorable Mention: Untitled by Patrick Suryanarayan

Fall Harvest: Youth

1st Place: “Autumn Fields” by Morgan McCullough

Honorable Mention: Untitled by Kirthi Suryanarayan

Congratulations to all the artists and thank you to our sponsors for making this event possible, supporting the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, and for joining us to celebrate art in the everyday.

Judging Results for the 3rd Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve

3rd Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve judges photographed with Best in Show Winner,“Escape” by Eric Schultz. (From left to right: Emily Muchinske, Dolores Eaton, Lauren Ottis, Bainy Suri, Andrew Wilkinson, and Cindy Laliwala)

Congratulations to our amazing artists who participated in the 3rd Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve! So much hard work goes into carving 100-150 pound pumpkins and the results were astounding. Our judges had their work cut out for them.

Here are our winners for 2017:

  • Best in Show: “Escape” by Eric Schultz
  • Best Carving: “Astro Kid Vs.the Space Lizard ” by Daniel Clark
  • Best Carving: (Untitled) by John Goeke
  • Most Original Design: “Medusa” by Curtis May
  • Most Creative Use of Materials: “Joker” by Sarah Bernotas
  • Most Humorous: “Sushi” by Charlie Yeh
  • Best at Night: “Howl-o-ween” by Susan Roseman
  • Hopewell Valley Arts Council Choice Award: “Clown Infestation” by Jennifer Stevens
  • Community Partner: (Untitled) by Anne Nixon Ellery, carving for FoHVOS
  • Honorable Mention: “Mixed Emotions” by Tom Cook
  • Honorable Mention: “Crust Pumpkin” by Jonathan Conner
  • Honorable Mention: “Swinging at the Moon” Jen Ghannam, carving for Hopewell Valley Youth Chorale
  • Honorable Mention: “Heidi Troll Klum” by Aleece Davis

The event goes until Sunday, October 15, 2017 so don’t miss your chance to see which ones are your favorite! For details and hours, please see this our “Plan Your Visit” page.

Thank you so much to the artists and our sponsors for making this event possible, supporting the Hopewell Valley Arts Council, and for bringing “art in the everyday.” 

Eric Schultz “Escape”

Hopewell Valley Arts Council Announces Third Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s Third Annual Amazing Pumpkin Carve will feature the astounding creativity of 50 of the region’s best artists carving 50 gigantic pumpkins. This family-friendly autumn spectacular will be held in it’s new location, Woolsey Park, from Wednesday, October 11 through Sunday, October 15.

Visitors of all ages will be wowed by the 150-pound sculptures and will enjoy food truck faire. Activities and special events will include evening storytelling around fire pits with s’mores kits and cider, “guess-the-weight” giant pumpkin contest, paint-a-pumpkin craft tent, Hopewell Township history kiosk, fun photo ops, and more!

The fall-themed images of amateur and professional artists will be on display in the Hopewell Valley Arts Council’s first annual photography show at the Amazing Pumpkin Carve.

“The Amazing Pumpkin Carve is a wonderful opportunity for the Hopewell Valley Arts Council to showcase the creativity and talent of our local artists, to celebrate with our families and our community, and enjoy a beautiful time of year in this special place,” said Carol Lipson, President, Hopewell Valley Arts Council Board of Trustees.

“This year’s Carve really is a community-wide celebration,” she continued, “On Saturday, we’ve partnered with the HV Uniformed Firefighters Association to present Fire Safety Day, and we’ve joined with the HV Historic Preservation Committee for the rededication of Woolsey Park.”

The Amazing Pumpkin Carve is much more than a jaw-dropping display of artistic talent etched in enormous pumpkins.

Special events begin Friday night with a sneak peek for HV Arts Council members and sponsors and then the Carve opens to the public at 7pm with three performances of The Pennington Studio’s rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

Saturday will kick off with a dedication ceremony for the renaming of Woolsey Park (formerly Alliger Park) and salute to Hopewell Valley’s first responders at 9 a.m. The Third Annual Fire Safety Open House will follow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Don’t miss fire trucks, safety demonstrations, K-9 dogs, a helicopter landing, and a walk-through fire safety house built from hay bales!

On Sunday, Hopewell Valley Arts Council will auction off the artistic pumpkins, giving bidders an opportunity to own a one-of-a-kind temporary work of art.

Don’t miss it! The Amazing Pumpkin Carve is open for only 5 days: Wed.-Sun., October 11-15 at Woolsey Park, 221 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road, Titusville, NJ. Entry to the pumpkin viewing tent: Adults, $10; Ages 11-18, $5; Under 10, FREE. Hours and activities vary, so please check out the HV Arts Council’s website for details: www.hvartscouncil.org.

The Amazing Pumpkin Carve is hosted by the Hopewell Valley Arts Council. Ticket proceeds benefit the HV Arts Council, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and go toward artist-carvers’ honoraria and to fund other arts-related programs of the Hopewell Valley Arts Council.



Five days only: Wednesday, October 11 to Sunday, October 15

New Location: Woolsey Park, 221 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road, Titusville, NJ

Pumpkin Tent entry: Adults, $10; Ages 11-18, $5; Under 10 FREE

Hours, Activities, Details & more: www.hvartscouncil.org

2017 Hopewell Valley Arts Council Scholarship Winners Announced

Hopewell Valley Arts Council 2017 Scholarship Winners
Hopewell Valley Arts Council Board with 2017 Scholarship Award Winners
The Hopewell Valley Arts Council announced scholarship awards for four Hopewell Valley Central High School graduating seniors on Thursday, June 15, 2017 at the HVCHS Senior Awards Night. Present were (L-R) HV Arts Council Board Member Michelle Needham and Board President Carol Lipson; HVCHS graduating seniors and scholarship award winners Kayley SkedKanon Shamboraa, Jake Csermak and Bryan Hill; and Arts Council Board Members Dawn Berman and Liz Bell.

Four Hopewell Valley Central High School Graduating Seniors Surprised by Scholarship Announcement at Senior Awards Night

PENNINGTON, NJ July 1, 2017—For a third year, the Hopewell Valley Arts Council (@hvartscouncil) has awarded scholarships to four graduating seniors of Hopewell Valley Central High School. The scholarships are granted to outstanding Hopewell Valley students in recognition for their creative accomplishments and ambitions.

This year’s students were surprised with the announcement of their awards at the HVCHS Senior Awards Night, held on June 15, 2017. 

According to Arts Council President Carol Lipson, the students beat out a large pool of applicants to be selected.”We have consistently had outstanding applicants for the scholarships in the past three years. But this year, we had more kids apply for the awards and every one was excellent. Our Selection Committee had a really tough job! We are delighted that our four award winners represent accomplishments in a broad range of the arts, reflecting our organization’s commitment to support all kinds of Art in the Everyday. We are so proud of the young artists of Hopewell Valley. Their performances and exhibits and sharing of their talents are part of what makes Hopewell Valley an art-rich community.  Recognizing young artists with these scholarships is one of the most awesome things we do!”

This year’s recipients are:

  • Reinah Bauer, who will continue her involvement with instrumental music and voice performance in the Rutgers University Honors Program;
  • Danielle Costanzo, who will study performing arts at Muhlenberg College;
  • Michaela Pietrinferno who will study technical theater at Savannah College of Art and Design; and
  • Demi Zhang, who will continue her development as a visual artist at Rutgers University.

Each winner received a $500 scholarship from the Arts Council.

The Arts Council started the scholarship program in 2015 during the organization’s first year of operation as a non-profit, reflecting the Council’s deep commitment to support youth arts education and the role art and creativity play in an enriched life

About the Hopewell Valley Arts Council

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council is a nonprofit organization dedicated to celebrating “art in the everyday” throughout the Hopewell Valley region of New Jersey, including Hopewell Township, Titusville, Hopewell Borough and Pennington Borough. Now in its third year of operation, the Arts Council has blossomed as an art-focused partner for many community institutions and events. Through its efforts to cultivate art appreciation and participation, the Arts Council aims to nurture a vibrant, creative and engaged community. The organization grew out of the 2014 Hopewell Stampede, a project initiated by a passionate group of art-loving residents who enlisted local artists to decorate more than 70 oversized, fiberglass oxen. The oxen were displayed throughout the community.

For more information, visit hvartscouncil.org. Follow the Arts Council on Facebook at Facebook.com/HVStampede/, Instagram, Instagram.com/hvartscouncil and Twitter Twitter.com/hvartscouncil.






See us at Pennington Day 2017 on May 20

Hopewell Valley Arts Council at Howe Commons for Pennington Day

Hopewell Valley Arts Council at Howe Commons for Pennington DayHopewell Valley Arts Council will once again be a big part of Pennington Day and the “arts takeover” of Howe Commons!

A bright, colorful “tree” made by community organizations and residents of all ages.  A crowd-created collage made during Pennington Day. And the ever-popular Artists Walk. The Hopewell Valley Arts Council will once again stage a showcase of local art, featuring the talents of professional and amateur artists, as well as the imagination and creativity of community members.

The Art of Upcycling

Continuing the organization’s multi-year—and green—focus on “The Art of Upcycling,” much of the art on display will be created from discarded materials and junk. The returning “Art Walk” exhibit will once again feature a diverse array of artists and their works. Some artists will be on hand to sell their work; others will be creating art on site and sharing their creative process—and conversation—with visitors.

Howe UnCommons

This will be the fourth year the Arts Council will anchor the artful takeover of Howe Commons, the lawn in front of the Pennington Professional Center at 65 South Main Street in the heart of Pennington. This area will also feature musical performers throughout the day on the Commons stage and a “food truck plaza” that will provide plenty of tasty and interesting noshes right at hand.

While the Pennington Day Kid Zone down the street provides lively entertainment for families and kids, Howe Commons will provide an area for attendees to hang out, listen to tunes, grab a bite to eat, visit with friends and neighbors and get their creativity on.

“Get smART Luncheon Learn” Tickets Will Be Available

The Hopewell Valley Arts Council will also have information available about the upcoming “get smART Luncheon Learn”, to be held at Princeton University’s Prospect House on June 16. This event will feature a private catered lunch in the historic and elegant home of former Princeton University presidents, followed by a choice of presentations by three renowned speakers on the topics of photography, gardening and landscaping, and politics and neuroscience. Be sure to stop by the Arts Council booth at Howe Commons to learn all about it and get your tickets. You can also become a member of the Arts Council!

Thank you to our 2017 scholarship applicants

Hopewell Valley Central High School Graduation 2016
Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete applications for our 2017 scholarships.

Applications from current graduating seniors at Hopewell Valley Central High School were due March 15 in the HVCHS Counseling Office, along with other local scholarship applications.

Although we look forward to reviewing your applications and reading your personal statements, we know our selection of this year’s award recipients will be as difficult as it has been for the past two years! Please watch for future announcements.

If you know someone who will be an HVCHS graduating senior in 2018, please review the information about our scholarships and be sure to watch for news about next year’s application due date here and from the Counseling Office.

Good luck to all of our applicants!



Salon Redux Community Involvement

Someone you know is a pART of our ART pARTy!
Join us for SALON REDUX, an artful and special night.

Handcrafted by your friends and neighbors in Hopewell Valley.
As beautiful, unique and fun as our community itself. 


On March 25, Hopewell Valley will come together for a fun evening of art made by and for the community.

You’ll: SEE art. HEAR art. EAT art. DRINK art. MAKE art. FIND art… throughout the elegant and historic Princeton University Prospect House​.

Many of your friends and neighbors are working behind the scenes on SALON REDUX, our upcycled version of the iconic European art salon. Here we spotlight just a few. (In a future post, we’ll introduce you to the artists and artisans whose work will be out front on gala night.)

So, join us. CUT UP. LEAN IN. BRANCH OUT. And buy your tickets now to make sure you’re a pART of SALON REDUX!

CUT UP: Upcycled decorations made by volunteers will make your night magical.

Hopewell Valley Arts Council volunteers make upcycled decorations for Salon Redux

Learn more about SALON REDUX

LEAN IN: With your friends who are leaning in to make this night possible.

Steering Committee
Liz Bell
Dawn Berman
Linda Bradshaw
Kit Greener
Susie Henkel
Ken Hill
Heidi Kahme
Carol Lipson
Tracy Meyer
Matt Miller
Michelle Needham
Bob Prewitt
Vanessa Sandom
Felicia Schilp
Randee Tengi
Kristin Tunkel
Gala Committee
Kristina Clark
Erica Disch
Rachel Donington
Chris Fossel
Chad Goerner
Abi Goodman
Leslie Hollander
Susan Huber
Lisa Jordan
Debbie Lane
Ann LoPrinzi
Anna Martin
Curtis May
Molly Rice
Sue Sims
Jane Zamost

BRANCH OUT: With these groups giving their time and creativity to support SALON REDUX.Hopewell Valley Community Groups supporting Salon Redux

Be a pART of the ART at SALON REDUX! Learn more and get your tickets now.